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The Atom now comes in a brand new enclosure, beautifully crafted from glass filled nylon.
The stylish new enclosure is designed to IP67 standards, making it dust and waterproof.

Running on the proven Link G4x platform and being completely waterproof, Link are redefining what an entry level ECU should be.

The Atom is ideal for naturally aspirated engines with 4 cylinders or less that just need a repower
and don’t need all the extra sensors and features that come with our higher level ECUs.

Link G4x Atom II

  • Communications

    • 1x CAN bus
    • 1 x thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
    • 1x USB tuning connectionMisc.
    • Onboard barometric pressure sensor
    • 32Mb (4 MByte) of logging memory
    • 20 general purpose tables
    • Runs on PC Link softwareInput


    • 2 x Digital inputs
    • 2 x Temperature inputs
    • 3 x Analog inputs
    • 2 x Trigger inputs


    • 4 x Injection drives
    • 4 x Ignition drivers
    • 4 x Auxiliary outputs*
    • +5V Sensor power supply

    * unused ignition drives can also be used as auxiliary outputs

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