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If it is Onboard Digital Wideband you are after, then the Fury is the ECU
for you.

Like the Xtreme, the Fury offers all the features you have come to expect from one of Link’s world leading premium ECU’s, but with Digital wideband.

The Fury is optimised for engines with 6 cylinders or less and 3 Rotor engines. If you want to gain an advantage over the competition, you’ll want a premium ECU like the Fury.

Link G4X Fury

  • Inputs

    • 8/10* x Digital inputs
    • 4 x Temperature inputs
    • 9 x Analog inputs
    • 2 x Trigger inputs
    • 2 x Knock inputs

    *2 inputs required when using 2nd CAN Bus


    • 8 x Injection drives
    • 6 x Ignition drivers
    • 10 x Auxiliary outputs
    • +5V Sensor power supply
    • +8V Sensor power supply



    • 2 x Thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
    • 1 x CAN bus
    • 1x Serial (RS232) connection
    • 1x USB tuning connection


    • Digital Wideband – superior onboard wideband control
    • giving simple and accurate fuel tuning.
    • Optimised for Six Cylinder / 3 Rotor Engines – the G4+ Fury
    • has 6 x ignition outputs and 8 x fuel outputs.
    • Fully programmable e-throttle control complete with gear
    • shift control and throttle blips.
    • CAN is user defined and supports two independent CAN modules.
    • Onboard Knock Control – support for two knock sensors
    • wired directly to the ECU. No external amplifier required.
    • 30 General Purpose Tables and many dedicated tables.
    • 100 channels of logging.
    • 32Mb (4 MByte) of logging memory.
    • Built in trigger oscilloscope.
    • Mixture map, closed loop fuel correction.
    • OBDII output stream – send engine data to your tablet or phone using an OBDII to wifi/bluetooth adaptor (not included).
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