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Complete with a new enclosure, totally replacing the original unit.

Compatible with

  • Nissan 350Z
  • Skyline V35
  • Infinity G35 with the VQ35DE engine.

The original ECU is removed, then the G4+ 350ZLink N350+ is installed. The original harness plugs in and the job is done, no wiring required and the original sensors are used.

The G4+ 350ZLink N350+ has an internal 4.0 bar MAP sensor. External MAP sensors are also supported.

Considerable gains in power across the complete RPM range can be achieved with the G4x 350ZLink N350x .

The G4x 350ZLink N350x allows full control over fuel, ignition timing, and all other engine functions.

The G4x 350ZLink N350x is supplied with a base map pre-loaded. Some final tuning will be required.

Link G4x Plugin - Nissan 350Z VQ35DE


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