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Sydney Jamboree 2019 with Hi Tec Oils

We attended the Sydney Jamboree at Western Sydney International Drag Way with the Blaze Unit Drift Team after wiring and setting up the 2JZ S15 "NIGELA" over the last month. Initially we had planned to spectate, but decided to go in deep with assisting in dialling up the car we had collaborated on with Hi Tec Oils driven by James Abbott for the drift portion of the event.

To start with, we set up ECU logging on the Link Fury to enable the ability to go back at any time and make changes should their be any complaints on the engines running or Motorsport functions like 'No-Lift-Shift' with the Albins sequential ST-6 gearbox, but after a few laps it was clear the tune was spot on and the temps were manageable. Monitoring the fluid pressures, temperatures and boost levels also showing that the car was on point. Secondly we rearranged the iPad gauges to also display Battery voltage & fuel pressure. This information is sent via a Wi-fi dongle wired into the Link Fury and transmitted as generic OBD II protocol.

Both James and the car performed brilliantly on the day, so much so we began adjusting the dampeners on the MCA coilovers to Jabbit's preference. We anticipate the car will be in with a chance to take out the next round of the Hi Tec Oils Drift series.

Best of Luck Jabbit! #teammotorsportwiring

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