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Here you will find some of the ECUS and Auxliaries we supply and install. To order products please contact us



Toyota 86 Boost loom


This Boost Loom allows you to control boost using the factory ECU when flash tuning using ECUTEK software or M1 Motec. Suits EFR turbo on 86 or BRZ.

HP Tuners - Removal of VAT, Cat & O2 sensor warnings


Send us your Holden LS ECU to have the Anti Theift System removed so you can use the ECU in a conversion, Remove secondary Cat warning, Rear O2 warning and Speed Cut.

HP Tuners - Maffless Tune


Send us your Holden LS ECU to have the Air Flow Metre removed and a Maffless Tune flashed onto your ECU. This option also includes removal of VAT, Cat and O2 warnings.

*NEW* Haltech Elite ECU kit


• Waterproof Case
• 8 x Fuel Injection Outputs
• 8 x Ignition Outputs
• 28 x Digital Outputs
• 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
• 6 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
•  Dual CAN Bus communications for OEM and Haltech CAN expansion
• User definable 5D Tuning – Tune by Gear, Cam Angle or any channel for ultimate tuning flexibility
• Drive By Wire (DBW) Throttle Control
• Variable Cam Control – Independently Control up to 4 camshafts
• Dual Channel Knock Control. Great for V8 or High HP turbo engines.
• Auto Tune Capabilities – Short and Long term fuel, ignition & boost learning
• Staged Fuelling – Up to four stages of injectors (Rotary)
• E85 Flex Fuel Ready 
• Closed Loop Boost Control – Multiple Modes – Tune by gear, wheel speed or time
•  Closed Loop 02 Control – Dual bank control for precise tuning
• Anti-Lag and Launch Control 
• Data logging – Internal memory & external
• Free firmware upgrades

Haltech PS2000 Universal kit

$ 2310.00

Platinum Sport 2000 Autospec Flying Lead Kit Long - 2.5m/8ft with NEW 6 circuit Haltech fuse box with lid. Includes fuses, 4 relays and pins to use the spare 2 circuits. 




Haltech E-Flex sensor


Flex Fuel Composition Sensor - Suit 3/8 "GM Spring Lock" fittings & Speedflow fittings. Includes plug & pins

Boost Control Solinoid 3 port


This 3 port Boost Control Solenoid allows the user to map boost pressure levels on turbocharged vehicles through the engine management system to acheive boost by gear, boost by RPM and much more!

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