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JZX110 MSW Patch


In 2018 we designed a patch harness to solve the issue of not being able to tune the JZX110 platform by flashing or plug in ECUs. Our solution was running an aftermarket ECU to control fuel and ignition whilst running the factory ECU for dash and climate control over the proprietary Toyota multiplex network.


Wired and tuned by Chad. 



LINK Storm was the ECU of choice here to handle 6 cylinders of throbbing power with a GT3576. The Link was placed in the Factory PCM box to retain a factory like appearace. On 98RON we made a respectable 320HP on 17psi.


Wired and tuned by Chad.

Torana Motec C127


We provided motor sport sensors and a Motec C127 dash for this 2 door Torana in need of an update in 2024. Using a Bosch combination sensor for engine oil, 10 bar pressure sensor for fuel and motor sport style temperature sensors for transmission, air and coolant. 


Wired by Chad.

V8 LS3 Powered S13


Full front to back wire up from a shell. Every switch, light and button. The HSV wiring loom was modified to extend the Fly-by-wire pedal as well as injector, ecu and coil relays plus ecu communications.


All front wiring was hidden in the guard and secured to keep the engine bay clean. this includes ECU wiring and lighting. The Battery is positioned behind the front seat and is fitted with a resetting circuit breaker.


Wired by Chad.

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